Calling all event organisers!

Are you looking to launch a product or obtain team buy-in for a new corporate direction, goal or re-brand in a completely unique, highly impactful way?
Would you like to go beyond the norm and put on an event that inspires increased engagement, emotional connection and unwavering commitment?
Introducing The Showstoppers - delivered by an incredible Olivier Award-winning West End cast, this unique experience puts the audience in the Director’s chair as they co-create a full blown musical improvised entirely from scratch!
Event objectives:
The Showstoppers deliver:
Engage an audience of 30 to 5,000+ participants
Deliver something completely unique, never to be created again or seen anywhere else
Capture imagination and inspire new ways of thinking
Demonstrate a high performing team at the peak of their game
Bring multiple core learning themes to life
Memorability - have them talking about "that One event"... for years to come

Watch the trailer

How it works

1. Set up
The facilitator sets up the performance by asking the audience what they might learn from watching a high performing Olivier Award-winning West End team improvise an entire musical from scratch
2. Themes
As part of the design process you brief us on which themes you want the facilitator to pick out and highlight from the audience suggestions
3. Creation
The Showstopper team then co-creates a brand new musical with the audience – the audience decide on the title, the setting, the musical styles and, throughout the performance, contribute ideas about what happens next - there is nothing pre-scripted
4. Q&A
Following the performance there is a Q&A with the Showstoppers
5. De-brief
The facilitator then de-briefs the audience so they identify what capabilities, mindset or behaviours they must take-away and apply in practice - we will ensure that this maps across exactly to your desired learning outcomes.

Go beyond the norm

Develop new mindsets and deeper human connections
What capability outcomes can you expect?
Attendees will leave having identified with some of these learning outcome themes:
High-performing Teams
Leading in ambiguity
Empowering others
Building trust
Productive failure
Leading with courage
Customer centricity

“They’re like the best of McKinsey and Cirque du Soleil, all in one”

Some of those our Group has supported to grow

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